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Remote assistance of our IT Service Team

If you experiencing problems with your computer, it slows down, it gives you errors, "bluescreens", if you are tired of malware and unwanted popups, RemoteHands offer remote assistance with your computer problem. Sometimes you need assistance when configuring your local network, installing proper drivers, updating software or just have questions on programs you are using, our professional team can help you here too. We are offering support using TeamViewer. If you agree to this help procedure, you need to download a small client program onto your computer, which will allow us to gain (only under your strict revision and confirmation) remote access to your PC. This program is self-contained, operates only temporarily and is required for providing remote assistance over the network. When the work is complete you can choose to delete the program, or you can or keep it for re-use at a later time...

Remote assistance is a valuable service to speed up fault diagnosis. However, not all computer problems can be diagnosed and remedied using remote assistance. We will be able to let you know more after we check and you can solve your problem yourselve using our advices on your special situation.

Remote assistance can also be very useful for demonstrating how to do something. We can take control of an application or program on your PC and can demonstrate how to accomplish specific tasks which have previously eluded you.

Online Pc Computer Tech Support for home users

Our technical support team is specializing in home computer problems. We can help you with almost all problems home users can face. After we diagnoze your problems, we can deal with any "worm", malware, virus problems. Also we can help you with the most popular aplications to show you and teach how to complete tasks you need. We can help you also with installing or updating your applications, drivers or even peripheral devices like routers, webcams etc. We are offering one time help or different time subscriptions for support and you can see them on Pricing section of this webpage. If you have a problem, or would like assistance, and you agree to procedure that our IT Services team members take temporary control of your computer, please fill the form on Contact section of this page, stating that you agree to remote assistance. Then you should download the TeamViewer client program to your computer desktop and wait for our reply on your mail.

Online Pc Computer Tech Support for small-medium size business

If you run small to medium size business we can help you maintaining your office network and computers on it. We can offer annual subscriptions of mainaining your software and hardware, and you can save your time concentrating on your business. we also can support software ou provide to your customers upon special agreements, in such cases write us to [email protected] and we can discuss details about that.

About Teamviewer
And Consulting

TeamViewer presents a full package of software solutions, which provide control for a remote access to the computer, as well as file exchange between the administrating and the administrated computer. TeamViewer allows for the exchange of files, demonstrations of your work to other users, and for a full remote computer access.

Network Support

We are trusted business advisors assuring peace of mind through cultivated expertise, extensive resources, and uncompromising services. We specialize in computer support and I.T. networking for the small to midsize business.